Tendon Master climbing rope 9.4 mm x 80 meters.

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An excellent single rope with low weight, great technical parameters and the SBS construction of the sheath, thanks to which the rope is more resistant to abrasion, but at the same time soft and easy to handle. The best choice for sport climbing SBS gives better rope properties. Each fiber in the sheath is guided individually, not in a pair as usual. The sheath is more resistant against breakage, but on the other hand it is softer.

Year of manufacture: 2020.

Diameter: 9.4.

Weight g / m 58.

Number of falls according to UIAA: 5-7.

Maximum impact force: 7.

Rope slip: 0.

Static Elongation: 8.9.

Dynamic Elongation: 35.

Knobbility: 0.8%.

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