About us

Today, at Damecuerda we are proud that hundreds of customers in all the provinces of Spain are developing their activity with material acquired in our store.

We continue to work so that our customers continue to trust us and thus continue to strengthen that Store-customer connection that we care for as our most important founding principle.

Whether you are an initiate or an experienced climber, at Dame Cuerda we will be happy to advise you on the purchase of your new rope. It will never be a problem for us to exchange as many emails as necessary as long as the customer is happy with their purchase.

We are a website dedicated exclusively to the sale of ropes, the passion with which we live climbing has led us to create this website dedicated especially to the sale of something so fundamental in our activity such as ropes, regardless of the specialty that is practiced .

We have ropes for climbing, canyoning, caving and vertical work, with a wide range of articles and an unbeatable value for money.For this, all our articles will be marked with taxes (21% VAT) and transport / shipping costs included in the price final, so the customer will not be surprised in the form of an increase at the end of the purchase.

For this we have the most prominent brands at an international level and thus be able to provide a guaranteed quality service in all our ropes. By focusing our field of sale on a specific product article, we are in a privileged position to dedicate never-before-seen attention to it, we will do everything possible to always offer the strings most requested by the consumer, always maintaining our price and quality policy. , adjusting to the needs of the buyer.
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