Cuerda de escalada Tendon Master Pro 9,2 mm x 100 metros.

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Las master pro se distinguen por ser cuerdas muy finas y duraderas, ideales para escaladas de alto nivel en vías muy exigentes y largas.

El acabado SBS en la funda de la camisa y el tratamiento Complete Shield hacen que la cuerda tenga extra de protección y alarguen la vida útil de tu cuerda.

 SBS - Simple Braid System
Is system where each strand is plaited separatelly into the sheath construction and not in pair (tandem). SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact and smoother. Therefore ropes made by SBS generate much lower friction, are more resistant to abrasion and last longer while in contact with rocks.

Complete Shield
Maximum level of rope protection against water and abrasion. It is reached by using the new progressive NANOTECHNOLOGY method. Tiny particles of TEFLON®Eco are applied to the rope sheath and core and make a film of almost impermeable protective layer. The rope fibres are then protected against dust and water which would othervise cause a harm to the rope construction. COMPLETE SHIELD is an impregnation which extends the general lifespan of TENDON ropes significantly. All ropes with the Complete Shield finish meet the UIAA 101 requirement for water repellent test.


Rope diameter (mm) 9.2
Weight (g/m) 58
Number of UIAA falls 9
Max impact force (kN) 9.1
Sheath slippage (%) 0.3
Static elongation (%) 6.1
Dynamic elongation (%) 31
Knotability 1
CE 1019 yes
EN 892 yes

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